Welcome to my Portfolio!

Who Am I?

I am a 17-yearold self taught web developer and computer enthusiast!

I live in the heart of Canada, Winnipeg Manitoba.
My hobbies include going out with friends or myself, spending time with my family, web development, and creating/playing video games!

I’m a funny guy at heart, sometimes awkward, but who isn’t to a capacity? I always look out for people, whether I know them or not, kindness goes quite a far way!

Currently in Grade 12, enrolled at Garden City Colligate, after I graduate I will be attending Upgrading at the Adult Education Centre, to then pursue my dream of a Computer Sciences degree at the University of Waterloo.

If you have any inquiries, or would like to see my full resume, please shoot me an email at

What Can I Do?

Well, I’m a full-stack, so I can do HTML, JS, CSS, Node.js.
I have been self-learning full-stack development since late 2019.
I am, at this point in my learning, fluent in all specified languages above.

Game Development!
That’s right! I have been learning how to do game development in Unity for just a little over a year now. But thanks to my previous knowledge on programming in Node.js, I was able to quickly adapt to C#, and I am now quite fluent in it.
Recently, I have started learning Unreal Engine, via their Blueprints.
Note that I didn’t self-teach Game Development to myself! I was taught how to from a program within my school!

Minecraft Modding!
Yup, I do that too! I’m not a die hard Modder, but I can make a mod. Learning Java.

Total Development Skillset?
Full-Stack Web Developer,
Capacitor App Developer,
Discord v11 – v14 API Developer,
Unity C# Developer,
Unreal Engine Blueprint Developer,
Java Developer (using Forge API).

I am also a people person! I like working and collaborating with others when I get the chances to.
I am as described by many teachers, and close friends, Kind, Respectful, and Knowledgeable.