My Work

Major Projects

Togi’s YouTube Downloader

A website developed for simplicity.
Allows one to easily, more than ever, download a YouTube video.
100% open-source under MIT.
This was a project done in 6 hours as a pastime, but also because many people need reliable websites and nowadays I feel everyone is bombarded with fake, non-working websites, the ones that punch you with ads and popups. So I made this, to help.
Originally TYTD (Togi’s YouTube Downloader) was my second ever website as a full-stack in 2020.
I’ve also released a CLI of TYTD (now deprecated as of 2022)
So, I thought id come at it again in 2024 with a proper, nice, smooth website, with minimal user input.
Introducing, TYTD V2, 4 years after V1.

Winnipeg Bus Watch

Winnipeg Bus Watch is an intuitive web app built to track and receive information on buses located in Winnipeg MB.
I built this website from ground up in pure vanilla, with the help from other library’s, such as leaflet, and maptiler.
The website is powered by what I call the Bus Watch Engine.
The Bus Watch Engine contains 2 sets of algorithms to decipher information with, by using a transit bus’s fleet number.
The engine creates the map, updates the map, refreshes the map on a routes completion, and draws the route using decoded polylines, adding each stop on that route to the map, as well with live times for arrival & departure at each stop.
Below is the public Alpha.


Yup! You heard it right! I’m working with AshDubh!

Creators need reliable server hosting, so, I’m here to provide it.
I work with AshDubh (Aaron Fox-Hall) to host any game server he requires. Heard of SMPMAS? I’m hosting the server for it!
Any future servers Ash requires, I can take care of.
I have years in the Server Industry.
Ash has Exodius as his Dedicated Server, completely to himself.
Visit my Server Information page to find out more!

Music Production

Togi Tunes

Togi Tunes is the artist name I go by for my music.
I’ve worked in FL Studio for 2 years and going.
Previously I was using Spotify Soundtrap. Which is a real shitty DAW.
I’ve been a play-by-ear piano player since I was 7. Can’t read notes, but give me a song and I can play it back on the piano almost instantly, that’s why I can easily remix music!
I use an AKAI MPK 261, a beauty of a keyboard.

Want to see all my music? Below is a list of just some of my platforms.


Five Nights At Smog’s Poutinerie

FNASP is a FNaF inspired horror game, where your stuck in a restaurant, defending from a poutine monster until your shift is over at 6AM.

I am working with some other friends on this project, we call ourselves “ForReal Game Studios“, search it up on google and you’ll see us!

You can check out or steam page for the game here

My work on the game involves, programming, optimization, SFX design, and music producing.

Audio Panel


I am in charge of audio development, including SFX.
Here is some audio/music from the unreleased version of the game, and some pictures to go along with them!

Picture of the FLP for Credits Theme

Above me is a picture of the “Credits Theme”
in my producing software “FL Studio”

And here is our Trailer Music, that you can listen to on our Steam trailer, or YouTube trailer.

Picture of FLP for Trailer Theme

And Here’s a picture of the Trailer Theme in FL Studio!

SCP: Facility

SCP: Facility is going to be a massively multiplayer game.
Your goal is dependent on your class, which is chosen at random when the game starts.
Your usual main goal is to escape the facility without dying.
This game is influenced by SCP: Secret Laboratory

My goal for SCP: Facility, is to not only make it better than its influence, but to make it significantly more scarier.
You can read more on our steam page here

Currently we have a to be team of 3 people.
2 Programmers (including myself)
1 3D Model Designer

We may be a small team now, but I’ve already had inquires from people to help with the game, and I’m hoping to get more!
Join our discord server that’s on Steam, and DM me if you’d like to help out in any way!


Deprecated Development Projects

YouTube Download CLI
A CLI for download YouTube videos in audio, or video format. Always the highest quality possible. (I use this program myself)

Pathos4 | Pathos4 (AKA Server 5667) is the new webserver that I plan to migrate everything to.
Pathos4 is hosted on Exodius (my home server), and has a readable structure and method to it, so when I do eventually migrate everything to it, its not only faster (not using Ngrok anymore), but its also easier to understand, as the previous server (Togi’s cloud) is a complete jungle bungle of a mess, as it was made in my early programming days.
Currently not everything uses Pathos4.
you can tell which webserver your on by checking the URL, if the URL is on port 5667 (Ex., your on Pathos4, if not, your on Togi’s Cloud. | A website that allows you to download songs from, this was one of my tougher projects, having to look through minified front-end JavaScript to find out how these files are stored, where they are stored, and how the URL was generated for each file stored, then I had to locate all the required API’s that were needed to download them (they are already on the site, however they don’t expect you to use the API’s, I however did), after finding the API endpoints for file information, and understanding how file names are generated then hashed, I created
https://DP2MID.XYZ (no longer existent)

T-logg | A web-library, that reproduces a console, and allows you to manipulate it for cool effects, to make it look like a program is running. (deprecated)
Click here to view the repo for T-logg

T-logg V0.2.9

TDCN | Togi’s Digital Cloud Network will be a web

site that will allow Developers to upload TEMPORARY storage, with no cost. We will offer multiple levels of security to keep your temp file secure.

TDCN pre-alpha0.0.1

Lomello | Lomello was a game site where you could go, and play unblocked games whenever you wanted. Lomello had backup domains in case one got blocked.
Lomello was one of the last and best web projects I’ve ever attempted, although some of it still works, I just cant maintain it any longer, or fix it.
Lomello would allow you to connect to different servers for games, meaning we had layers of security from site blockers, extra domains, and 3 separate servers that you’d connect to, to play games, if the main server (Alpha) was blocked. all servers are now offline.

Lomello V 3.0.0

Maintained Development Projects

Forge Chat Prefixes
A simple 1.20.1 Minecraft Forge mod to allow custom chat tags in-game. Created for AshDubh.

Dot Piano Midi Player
A script that allows custom midi files to be played on Dotpiano.